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  • Please note- NO WARRANTY Due to age. Box has minor shelf wear due to age / storage, this does not effect the sealed item. No returns if sealed box is opened, due to being a collectable
  • Please Note- Brand new, & sealed, very hard to find new. NO RETURNS If removed from sealed box.
  • You have the ability to define your own RS Media personality by assigning and editing data files.
  • Now able to play videos and music, display photo’s and store user data.
  • There’s a full colour LCD display in his chest, speakers and subwoofer embedded in his armour, a USB connector, secure digital memory slot and an MP3 player!
  • RS Media can display and store data easily downloaded from your PC using the software provided.
  • Define your own logic flow, create your on actions and assign your own voice files for a totally unique RS Media.
  • Even choreograph a dance routine to your favourite dance track!
  • Requires 6xD & 4xAA batteries for RS Media & 3xAA for hand controller (Batteries not included)

Product Description

Robosapien Media is the world’s first multimedia interactive robot. At 25″ tall, he comes with 100 preprogrammed functions and a multitude of different modes. Features include a head-mounted VGA camera, built-in microphone, full-color LCD screen in his chest, 10-watt speakers, and a back-mounted sub-woofer and MP3 player.

With humanoid body movements, infrared vision and stereoscopic sound and touch sensors, RS Media interacts with his environment in amazingly realistic ways. He recognizes colors, tracks movements with his eyes, avoids obstacles and reacts to sounds as you control him with the wireless remote. A full range of motion and a flexible waist enable him to pick things up, drop and throw objects, sit, lie down, and get up again. RS Media includes four demo modes, guard mode, sleep mode and auto shut-off mode. Can be programmed directly from the controller or in positional “puppet” mode for easy teaching on the PC software, included. SD card not included. Requires 6 “D” batteries and 7 “AA” batteries, not included.

Additional Features:

  • Listen to your favorite music, take and display digital images and watch videos
  • Download and display information from the Internet or import your own data using the external memory card slot
  • Select from one of four distinctive, attitude-filled personalities; or create your own personality to edit his movements, sound files and video files (PC software included)
  • Choreograph a dance routine to a favorite music track – a full range of motion makes him a great dancer

From the Manufacturer

The RS Media is an evolved version of Robosapien V2, combining his engaging personality and advanced technology with cutting edge multimedia hardware and personality editing software. RS Media is a complete multimedia experience that enhances both direct and autonomous interaction with his owner and environment.


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