Transformers Animated Bulkhead with Bonus Autobot Bumblebee Rare Collectible Hasbro 2008


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Product description

  • Transformers Animated Bulkhead with Bonus Autobot Bumblebee
  • It’s hard not to like Bulkhead. Despite being huge and strong, he’s the kindest, most gentle of the Autobots, and he always has other people’s best interest at heart. He’s also a klutz. That’s why it’s so terrifying when the Headmaster takes over his body. Bulkhead regularly engages in wholesale property damage by accident. With the Headmaster in charge of his body, will anybody be able to stop the tide of destruction?* The strongest of the Autobots on Earth.
    * Rarely uses air torpedoes because of accuracy issues.
    * Buzzsaw originally built to slice iron meteors.
  • “Super Value” pack with Activator Bumblebee.

Recommended Age: 5 yrs +

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