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Teksta Toucan is the funniest, most entertaining robot bird you’ll ever meet! Ask him one of the questions from his APP and he’ll amaze you with his jokes, impressions, and more! Play a game with him or ask him to do a magic trick. With hundreds of things to say and talk about, Teksta Toucan is sure to entertain! Teksta Toucan has amazing Voice Recognition: He listens and understands questions.

Voice recognition: he listens and understands questions from his app!

Talks to you: he has hundreds of things to say!

Room defender: alerts you if someone walks past him!

Intelligent: interacts with or without the teksta toucan app!

Light responsive: wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night!

  • He tells jokes, does silly impressions, and makes funny noises
  • He acts like a real bird, he ruffles his feathers, flaps his wings, and moves his head, body, and beak when he talks
  • Teksta Toucan works without internet connection


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