Mega Bloks – Halo Countdown 97017


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  • Please note- New, box has shelf wear due to age / storage. Rare collectible, NO RETURNS If removed from sealed box.
  • This buildable UNSC starfighter comes equipped with deployable missile pods and working canopy
  • Set is complete with full gantry, launch pad, swivel ladder and control room
  • Includes NEW UNSC Mark V Spartan & UNSC Sargent. UNSC Technician and 3 UNSC Marines with weaponry
  • Approx 1260 pieces
  • For ages 8+

 Product Description

Build, create, play and display your UNSC Sabre by Mega Bloks! Launching from its gantry with multi-stage liftoff rockets, The UNSC Sabre is a powerful and versatile prototype spaceplane designed for orbital combat. The Sabre was used in the defense of Reach during Operation: UPPER CUT. The Sabre can go toe-to-toe with any Covenant fighter armed with a pair of Autocannons and twin Medusa Missile Pods.

Box Contains

Approx 1260 pieces

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 42 × 20 cm