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Get connected and get with the programme. Put some extreme innovation in the one’s home and control in one’s life courtesy of Spykee Cell, the member of the Spykee contingent with Bluetooth technology at its heart. The adventure begins with Spykee Cell’s fully motorised head. And it’s a clever little barnet, too. Able to see through 360 degrees, his movements can be controlled via the magic of Bluetooth, direct from one’s mobile phone. And there’s more. Cell is the veritable David Bailey of the robot world, able to take its own pictures and send them direct to your mobile. He’s musical, too. Plug in your iPod and take control direct from your mobile (you’ll even see the playlist on your mobile’s display). He’s also crammed with the latest special effects technology, able to summon-up a dazzling sound-and-light show almost at will. And needless to say, being a Spykee robot, there’s more than one variant of Cell to build. So you’ll always have a new incarnation to choose from. Fresh from the reinvented and reinvigorated Meccano stable, the Spykee cyborg range has some dashed clever technology at its core. This awe-inspiring family of robots is preconfigured for the MP3 generation, either with in-built docking technology or USB connectivity to enable digital uploading at the touch of a button. Add it all to Spykee’s ground-breaking functionality and it has us rather drooling at the mouth, in an ever-so manly way. Splendid.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 40 cm

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