Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Playset with 2 Die-Cast Cars


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  • Race, stunt and do battle with a dragon in the multi-level Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage.
  • The first floor features cool track-play details like moveable hoses, a car wash with a foam roller, diverters and connectors to connect to other sets as part of a larger Hot Wheels City. (Additional sets sold separately.)
  • Take the two-car elevator to the next level where kids can launch the 2 included Hot Wheels cars straight from the elevator into a side-by-side race.
  • On the third level, launch into a side-by-side loop stunt, adjusting the diverters to change the cars’ final destinations.
  • A car-hungry dragon awaits on the 4th level, and kids launch their Hot Wheels to defeat it or else get eaten. Eaten cars get ‘pooped’ out, while the defeated dragon plummets to the bottom of the garage.

The Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage features four unique levels packed with racing, stunting and storytelling adventures. Launch cars directly at the dragon to knock it down and secure victory! Two Hot Wheels vehicles are included for immediate storytelling right out of the box. Place cars in the elevator, lift it to the desired floor, then launch them into action. One or two players can control each of the side-by-side launchers. ​Launch two cars simultaneously on the dual track and into the loop – who will be the first to the bottom of the garage ? ​Explore cool track play details like a repair centre and car wash for enhanced storytelling possibilities. There’s also storage for 50+ Hot Wheels vehicles. (Additional vehicles sold separately.) Connect additional tracks and sets for open-ended adventures. (Additional Hot Wheels track and sets sold separately.)​



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