Four Cubed Brain Teaser


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If you thought the Magic Cube Puzzle was difficult with its meagre 3 x 3 proportions on each cube face, then you should hide in fear from the awesome Four Cubed. Four Cubed takes the Magic Cube Puzzle concept to the extreme, blowing it out of the water with possible combinations of about 7.4 quattuordecilion! (Am I exaggerating?) Each of the 6 sides of Four Cubed has 16 coloured stickers on it and, when Four Cubed is in its finished or complete state, each side of the cube will be covered with 16 stickers of the same colour. To start playing Four Cubed, you need to make sure that the coloured stickers have been mixed up and are dotted over the 6 faces by twisting and rotating the Cube on the swivelling axis. Once Four Cubed looks like poker-dot-bikini-wearing robot and you think the puzzle will be sufficiently mind-boggling, start rotating Four Cubed to return it to its original and more organised state. This should keep you busy for a while!

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