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Item Condition: Collectible . New, Rare Collectable, box has minor shelf wear damage due to age/ storage, please see photo, this does not effect the sealed item.
Please note– this item measures Approx.  5 Inches
Product Description
K-9 is a mobile computer in the shape of a dog constructed by Professor Marius of a medical foundation to be a companion for him whilst in deep space. K-9 is both a huge database and has defensive capabilities, being equipped with a retractable laser in his nose which can be set to stun or kill. He can integrate with virtually any computer system including the TARDIS and has been responsible for getting the Doctor out of many a tricky and dangerous situation. K-9 travelled with the Fourth Doctor in the TARDIS on many adventures and became a favourite companion. At some point a newer version of K-9 was constructed by the Doctor and left on Earth with Sarah Jane Smith, a young journalist who had travelled on adventures with the Third and Fourth Doctors. This K-9 had many adventures with Sarah on Earth and in space. Eventually he shuts down having become worn out and obsolete and is eventually reactivated when the Tenth Doctor returns to Earth.

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Dimensions 30 x 24 x 16 cm

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