Bratz Party Night (Formal Funk) – Dana Doll Rare


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Please note- Box has minor shelf wear due to age / storage, this does not effect the sealed item. Brush has become loose in the box.

No returns if sealed box is opened, due to being a collectable

Bratz Party Night (Formal Funk) – Dana Doll

Bratz facts: Formal Funk was released as a limited edition in 2003. It featured a total of 10 dolls, the Super Stylin’ Runway Disco, and the F.M. Limo. Nevra was exclusive to the Super Stylin’ Runway Disco, but the F.M. Limo didn’t not come with any dolls. Each Bratz came with a “funky formal-wear” outfit, “after-party” outfit, mannequin and stand, 2 purses, 2 scarves/wraps, a pair of gloves, a scrapbook, and tons of accessories. Since Nevra was exclusively included with the Super Stylin’ Runway Disco, she only had one complete outfit, a second pair of shoes, a purse, and the accessories for the playset.

There are a total of 3 known box variants, and only one known accessory variant. Cloe came with a variant purse. The US released had boxes labeled “Limited Edition Prom 2003”. This is the only variant to come with posters and the Toy of the Year sticker. The European Formal Funk boxes were not labeled “Limited Edition Prom 2003”, but they are still limited editions with the same edition sizes as the US boxes. The character names and icons replace the “Limited Edition Prom 2003” label on the front of the boxes. The line was also released as Party Night in Europe and was distributed by Bandai. The boxes are identical to the European Formal Funk boxes, but they say Party Night in place of Formal Funk.

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