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Brand new. Please note– No Returns if removed from sealed box, due to being a Collectable.

Comes with Yasmin Bratz doll.

Pump-action airbrush really work.

Tattoo stencils can be used on Yasmin only ( Due to date/ age

Make-up easily washes off so you can try a new look.

Includes two glitter jars.

If you’re a budding cosmetologist or just love to experiment with make-up, this Bratz set is just the thing.

Yasmin is an adventurous girl and loves trying new looks.

Now you can decide what her next look should be by using the included paraphernalia:

a working airbrush tool, seven make-up markers, five stencils (in shapes like hearts, stars, and more), two glitter jars, and a hairbrush.

The airbrush tool lets you evenly apply a coat of make-up to Yasmin’s face. The markers let you to draw on her eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick, darken her eyebrows, and stencil on body tattoos. You can even use the pump-action airbrush and markers to give yourself matching ink work! The pink and silver glitter can accent Sasha’s make-up, be brushed in her hair, or applied to her body.

Yasmin is wearing a gold halter dress, gold shoes, a silver bracelet, and silver earrings. Her hair is sleekly pulled back out of her face, but can be re-styled repeatedly to match her make-up makeover of the moment. The included make-ups easily wash off of  Yasmin.

Allowing a fresh slate for the numerous combinations you are bound to try.

  • For ages 6 & up.


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