Stretch Screamers Ghoul by Character Options


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Please note– Box has minor shelf wear due to age / storage, this does not effect the sealed item.

  • Have spooky and stretchy fun with the Ghoul Stretch Screamers from Character Options
  • Pull their elasticated body parts and see how far they will stretch!
  • Be careful though, as the Ghoul will not like it and will SCREAM for you to stop!

Product description

Electronic Stretch Screamers a wacky line of characters that are a real howl Stretch them over twice their length and listen to them scream as you stretch them For a real laugh squeeze their heads and watch as they EXPLODE out at you GROSS Electronic Stretch Screamers Squeeze em stretch em listen to them SCREAM This is the Ghoul Also available are the Mummy and Frankenstein s Monster

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 22 cm

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