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Item Condition: Collectible . New, Rare Collectable, box has shelf wear damage due to age/ storage, this does not effect the sealed item.

Please note- No Returns on this item, If sealed box is opened, due to being a rare collectable

The set 95523 Captain Cutlass’ Stormstalker is an updated re-release 2011 of an earlier Mega Bloks pyrates set, 3620 Captain Cutlass Stormstalker, released 2006. The set contains a fierce and fast lugger hunting ship with two capture cages. Also included are 4 minifigures of Captain Cutlass, Nicholas Nautilus, Marcus Mutiny all members of the Sea Marauders and Lockjaw a Skelton crew captive. This set contains 158 pieces.


The differences between this and the earlier set are that the ship now uses the same red sails and hull as the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Carribean series, making it appear more of a galleon than a schooner. The new hull means that this set has now lost the Vault of Transformation.

The Stormstalker is fitted with a capture cage. Also included in the set are 2 launching cannons, adjustable real cloth sails and a pivoting capture crane as well as a plank, a removable anchor, 2 secret treasure storage areas and rolling wheels for “Ocean Motion” maneuverability.

Captain Cutlass and his crew of Sea Marauders prowl the open sea in merciless determination to discover treasure, capture skeletons, and evade rival Pyrates ships.

With the Mega Bloks Pyrates – Captain Cutlass’ Stormstalker (95523) you can join Captain Cutlass as he leads his Sea Marauders crew into battle! This fierce and fast lugger hunting ship scours the high seas for rogue Skeleton Crew and greedy Privateer Pyrates. Outfitted with a capture cage, this juggernaut also features a mysterious transformation cage that changes skeleton figures to human and back.

The Mega Bloks Pyrates – Captain Cutlass’ Stormstalker (95523) features:

* A crew of 4 micro action figures,detachable anchor,
* Two launching cannons that really fire!two front-mounted harpoon lances 
* Outfitted with adjustable real cloth sails, pivoting capture crane, cloth canopy, plank, 
* Contains two secret storage areas for treasure and a crow's nest to hide treasure.
* Compatible with all other Pyrates sets, connect them to expand your adventure!
* Set includes 158 pieces of building fun!

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Dimensions 60 x 40 x 18 cm

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