Mega Bloks Pyrates 3635 Doubloon Mystery with Animated Adventure CD Rom Rare


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Item Condition: Collectible . New, Rare Collectable, box has shelf wear damage due to age/ storage, this does not effect the sealed item.

Please note- No Returns on this item, If sealed box is opened, due to being a rare collectable.

The set 3635 Doubloon Mystery is a small Mega Bloks Pyrates set released 2005 as part of the Skull Cave series. The set contains a skull that turns into a cave along with a dock. Also included are 2 minifigures of Scooner Lavoie a Sea Marauder and King Midas, a member of the Skeleton Crew. This set contains 30 pieces.

All the pieces in Doubloon Mystery can be stored in the Skull which can also be used as a cave when the set is built.

The Doubloon Mystery Skull Cave is owned by the Sea Marauders, who are the only faction that has two Skull Cave sets. Doubloon Mystery is the only skull cave set without a cannon.

It is said that a golden treasure coin is hidden on a secret isle shrouded in mist, where a cursed sailor guards his bounty with stalwart determination. His mysterious obsession with gold earned him the name King Midas. Even his own Skeleton Crew cronies stay away from this crazed crewman doomed to adoration of gold and greed. But alas, a Sea Marauder arrives with an equal thirst for riches, and tries to swindle the skeleton from his precious treasure.


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